Print Stronger.

Have you ever 3D printed a part that wasn’t strong enough?

The revolutionary Mark One prints with the strength of aluminum.
Now you can have the dependability of CNC parts with the flexibility of 3D printing.


Pick the perfect material
for the job.

Reinforce nylon with our exclusive continuous fiber CFF™ filaments to create strong, durable parts. Multi-material choices let you tailor the properties for the application.


Add fiber reinforcement

 Easy-to-use software lets you add as much or as little reinforcement as your part requires with just a few clicks.


Print in a precision machine.
At your desk.

The Mark One prints parts that are beautifully strong.


Put your part to work.

 Bolt it down, try it out, and validate your engineering. Build robust parts that push beyond the limits of traditional 3D printing.

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