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Groundbreaking software for simulating the performance of Markforged printed parts in Eiger™. Included in the Digital Forge Complete Advanced Plan.

Validate part performance and optimize print settings to ensure parts meet requirements while maximizing manufacturing efficiency. All at the speed of software.

Simulate the strength and stiffness of a part printed with user defined settings.


Simple, intuitive feedback and a visualization of how the part deforms under loading.

Automatically configure the print settings to satisfy performance requirements and minimize print time and material consumption.


Pick the best option for your needs from multiple solutions.

The Value of Simulation

Helps take the guesswork out of configuring parts

Gain confidence that parts will perform as required
Shortens the product development timeline

Replaces costly and time consuming physical testing
Maximizes manufacturing efficiency and minimizes costs

Unlocks additional, high-value applications

Simulation is available in the Digital Forge Complete Advanced Plan.