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Industrial Equipment

Join industry leaders in adopting additive manufacturing

  • John Deere
  • Zeiss
  • Dow
  • Dixon
  • Caterpillar

Manufacture better, no matter what you make

Nearly every modern manufacturer can directly benefit from implementing 3D printing. Bring the modern convenience of digital parts to your factory today and initiate unprecedented improvements in process and end-customer products tomorrow. With 3D printing, you can turn process inefficiencies and logistical headaches into competitive advantages.

Hear how Nieka Systems, a manufacturer of custom lab equipment, has used a Metal X to insource high performance part production.

Distributed Tooling

Cutting-edge 3D printing is made for tooling — modern machines can easily print robust parts in a wide variety of geometries. Tooling can be digitally transferred anywhere, meaning you have point-of-need 3D printing, whether you have one local shop or 20 global sites.

Custom Part Production

For low-volume and specialized parts, 3D printing offers a way to execute the entire manufacturing process — design, production, and support — on a single platform. Produce custom parts cheaper, faster, and better with Markforged printers and make better performing products that more closely respond to customer requirements.

Streamline MRO At Scale

Distributed additive manufacturing infrastructure can enable a leaner, more capable MRO ecosystem. Maintain a digital inventory of parts globally that can be 3D printed on demand at the point of need. Solve manufacturing problems as quickly as they come up with unmatched agility.

Digital Forge for manufacturing

Guhring UK manufactures cutting and milling tools for the world’s biggest companies. When specialized tooling calls for unmatched complexity, precision, and strength, they turn to their Markforged industrial 3D printers. Find out how Guhring UK and over 100 other manufacturers are transforming their operations with Markforged technology.

The engineers at Guhring UK have been able to rapidly prototype cutting tools in composite materials before printing them in metal.
From verifying the tool’s design to printing the tool, we can vastly reduce the lead time with 3D printing, as opposed to manually machining the parts.”
– Alan Pearce, PCD Production Supervisor, Guhring UK

Why invest in Markforged 3D printers?

  • Print composites, continuous fibers, and metals on a single platform
  • Continuous fiber reinforced parts can replace aluminum and Delrin in a wide variety of tooling and prototype operations
  • High-strength metals and composites are robust enough to function as production parts
  • Reliable systems always run when you need them to
  • Scalable platform enables you to both generate day-one value and build a company-wide distributed manufacturing infrastructure

High-value industrial applications

  • Wear-resistant rollers and guides
  • Custom automation trays and carriers
  • Durable brackets and sensor mounts
  • Lightweight robotic end-of-arm-tooling
  • High-load lifting tools
  • Inspection and CMM workholding