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Autopilot for additive manufacturing: Laser scanning while your parts print, seamlessly connecting part design, production, and quality control. Included in the Digital Forge Complete Advanced Plan.

Configure. Scan. Inspect. Report. Rapid quality control via automated scanning and inspection as you print, so parts can be used immediately. Available on X3™, X5™, and X7™ Industrial printers.

Deliver precise, compliant parts - fast.

Traditionally, parts are often sent out for expensive, time consuming post-print inspection involving specialized equipment and expertise.


With Inspection, you can deliver precision parts faster and at reduced cost. And thanks to its process control data, you’ll always know who printed your parts and when, and what printer/software version was used.

Define a global scan resolution and identify key features that require higher resolution

Interior and exterior features are scanned during printing using the on-board laser micrometer.

Measure key features and verify that the part passes requirements, as soon as printing finishes.

Download customizable scan reports with clear pass/fail analysis

Benefits + Features


Intuitive, a simple workflow in Eiger™, and autonomous scanning make part inspection accessible to all users.

Rich data visualization

View details and insights about parts using heat maps and point cloud visualizations. Capture a quick snapshot of part accuracy or view specific measurements for a more detailed look.

Custom reports

Download an automatically generated, customizable inspection report for documentation and traceability. Compliance, made easy.

Print failure detection

Inspection enabled devices detect when a print has failed and automatically pauses the print for user review.

Inspection is available in the Digital Forge Complete Advanced Plan.