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Onyx ESD™

Stronger, stiffer, and ESD-resistant Onyx variant for industrial applications

Onyx ESD is a static-dissipative chopped carbon fiber nylon material, precision-engineered for a tight range of surface resistance. Onyx ESD meets ESD-safe requirements of the most stringent manufacturers, while offering the same industry-leading print quality of Onyx. Onyx ESD is stronger and stiffer than Onyx, with the same near perfect surface finish, making it suitable for advanced manufacturing applications from electronics assembly to industrial robotics and process automation.

Onyx ESD is a unique material with specialized material properties. To better understand how we conducted surface resistance testing and other more detailed material properties, download the supplemental datasheet below.


  • Vacuum Grippers
  • Transfer Tools
  • Pick and Place
  • Transfer and Packaging Trays
  • Electronics Enclosures

Works with:

X7™ X3™
Surface Resistance



Markforged Onyx ESD

Flexural Strength

Markforged Onyx ESD

Onyx ESD™ : $230/800cc

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