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Desktop Series

Desktop Series

Mark Two. Onyx Pro. Onyx One.


Small. But Mighty.

Drive innovation. Right from your desktop.

What can I build on a Desktop?

How does CFR 3D printing work?

What makes our desktop stand out?

Unibody aluminum chassis

Our desktop series features a single, rigid frame, purpose-built to minimize deflection from print head activity and produce high-quality parts every time.

Precision-ground composite print bed

Our print bed material is thermally compatible with our proprietary composites. This mitigates warping, peeling, and other imperfections associated with thermal expansion. High-precision print surface yields high-precision parts out.

Dual-nozzle CFR print head and extrusion system

Our proprietary CFR print system allows you to print parts as strong as metal and features two unique extruders and a dual-nozzle print head, purpose-built to deliver plastics and fibers with excellent precision and repeatability.

Airtight material storage system

Our Dry Box keeps moisture-sensitive 3D printer filaments production-ready for extended periods of time.

Precision plastic extruder with encoder

Our next-gen A3738 extruder features increased push force for increased reliability and repeatability. We use the magnetic encoder to monitor and deliver cloud-based alerts on the status of your prints.

Cloud-native system architecture

Our Eiger™ software enables cloud access to parts, devices, and builds. Print from anywhere to any location with unparalleled accessibility. Every part you print is the culmination of thousands of hours of our engineers fine-tuning print settings for each material, on each printer, so you don't have to.

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