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Desktop Series

Desktop Series

Professional desktop 3D printers built with the versatility to test design concepts and build strong carbon fiber end use parts

Small. But Mighty.

Drive innovation. Right from your desktop.

What can I build on a desktop 3D printer?

Unmatched versatility

Our Desktop Series printers unlock production-grade performance and affordable prototypes, all on the same platform. Our most popular printing plastic, Onyx™, gives you a great start in material properties with excellent surface finish. Our selection of continuous fibers take our parts far beyond the mechanical and thermal properties of everyday FFF printing plastics, while Precise PLA delivers effective, reliable prototypes at an affordable price. No matter what properties you’re looking for, our desktop 3D printers have the right material for the job.

How does CFR 3D printing work?

What makes our desktop 3D printers stand out?

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