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Product Development

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Rapid prototyping with 3D printing

Product Development is all about solving hard problems with the tools afforded to you. The combination of aggressive timelines and optimistic budgeting often means cutting more corners, taking fewer risks, and further compromising design intent to make your product a reality. 3D printing enables you to develop better products faster by providing a way to fabricate functional parts on demand. Whether it’s rapid prototyping to iteratively refine designs, or bridge tooling to quickly stand up production, 3D printing will help you develop better products faster.

Iterate Faster

Compress your iteration cycle by acquiring point-of-need fabrication. Cut extended waits for and reduce dependency on rapid prototyping services and deload your in-house fabrication. Get functional parts in hand in hours, quickly test, and iterate as fast as you can design. Lock designs faster with higher confidence than ever before.

Tool Up Smarter

3D print your tooling and workholding to get your production line up and running faster than ever before. Save skilled labor to work on revenue-generating parts by shifting tooling fabrication to a turnkey, automated workflow. Design and print highly optimized, geometrically tools and workholding to make your fabrication process more efficient.

Expand What’s Possible

3D print parts you couldn’t fabricate any other way. Produce end-use parts for customers that uniquely satisfy needs. From one-offs to low-volume production, embrace the geometric complexity and high strength that Markforged 3D printers offer.

Digital Forge for rapid prototyping

Brooks specializes in fragile products that require high degrees of precision. The ability to 3D print continuous carbon fiber gave Brooks new rapid prototyping capabilities — the ability to prototype nearly twice as fast — for nearly half the cost. Discover how Brooks and over 100 other industry leaders achieve impressive results with the Markforged platform.

3D printed fixture
We’re able to take prototype parts into a meeting and show what the finished parts may look like.”
– Jeff Cavins, Mechanical Engineer, Brooks Automation

Functional Rapid Prototyping with Centor

Centor manufactures custom doors for both commercial and residential applications. Before engaging on a product run, each door required a proof of concept prototype with in-house machinists creating low volume component runs. This product prototyping process was expensive, slow, and led to inconsistent quality.

Adding 3D printing into the workflow, allowed Centor to create an efficient rapid prototyping process that was 93% faster and reduced costs by 99%. Now, the 3D printer runs nearly 24/7, giving the product development process for Centor a huge boost and the ability to redirect resources to large production runs and let the rapid prototyping run smoothly, with a focus on design iteration.

Why invest in Markforged 3D printers?

  • Continuous fiber reinforcement and metal 3D printing enable you to fabricate the widest variety of functional parts
  • Best-in-class part accuracy on a wide variety of geometries ensure that prototypes and tools work the first time and every time after
  • Utilize Eiger, Markforged software platform, to maintain a digital inventory of versioned parts

High-value product development applications

  • Functional prototypes
  • Custom end-use parts
  • Prototype, first-run, and production tooling
  • Workholding

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