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Custom Hand Control Device


Custom Hand Control Device


Sure Grip Hand Controls


New Brunswick, Canada




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Custom Hand Control Device

3D Printed Custom Hand Control Device

Sure Grip Hand Controls

Sure Grip Hand Controls is a leading manufacturer of aids for disabled drivers. They're a veteran of additive manufacturing, and have worked with 3D printers since 2012. As they began expanding into international markets, they realized that in order to compete, they needed a next-generation solution which would give them part quality and durability to rival molded components.

This part is the body of the RF Mini, a control device that helps drivers operate several secondary functions of the car, like the horn and windshield wipers. It centralizes multiple controls onto one device, working in tandem with a receiver integrated into the vehicle. It originated as a sketch meant for a single customer. 3D printing made it practical to produce a custom solution, which performed so well it became its own successful product. While Sure Grip had access to other 3D printers, the ABS-printed version had visible layer lines and a rough surface even after post-processing. The Markforged-printed version is made in Onyx and assembled directly off the printer, with no finishing required.

Markforged Partner:
AW Miller