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Autopilot for digital manufacturing — connecting part design, production, inspection, and quality control with powerful AI.

Design. Print. Inspect. Validate.

Print with confidence via automated scanning + inspection as you print so parts can be used immediately.

Deliver precise, compliant parts — fast.

Traditionally, parts are often sent out for expensive, time consuming post-print inspection involving specialized equipment and expertise.

With Blacksmith, you can deliver precision parts to your customers faster and at reduced cost. And thanks to its process control data, you’ll always know who printed your parts and when, and what printer/software version was used.

Benefits + Features

AI feature detection

Select from critical part features that are automatically detected for detailed inspection and quickly determine if they meet your requirements.

Rich data visualization

View automatically generated details and insights about parts using heat mapping and point cloud data capture and visualization. Capture a quick snapshot of part accuracy or view specific measurements of each point captured for a more detailed look.

Custom quality reports

Select the critical part measurements that matter most to you to detail strength, accuracy, and measurement data. Download an automatically generated, customizable digital inspection report around that data for documentation and traceability.

One-touch enabling

Easily integrate part inspection into your additive workflow with the click of a button.

The right parts, every time

Automatic, in-process non-destructive testing ensures continuous fiber reinforcement is located exactly where it should be to provide the strength that you need.

Inherent version and process control

Ensures only part owners can make changes to part settings and reports.

Multi-part print and inspection

Simultaneously scan, inspect, and print multiple parts on a single printer. Inspect component quality without specialized training or complicated equipment.

Digital report access

Access quality reports via an API for integration into your quality management or other systems.

Meet the X7

Experience Blacksmith on our industrial 3D printer that delivers fast printing of the most demanding design iterations and production parts.

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