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Management and Integration

Management and Integration

Advanced software features in Eiger™ for scaling additive manufacturing operations. Included in Digital Forge Complete Essential and Advanced Plans.

Scale smarter - faster. Manage distributed manufacturing operations with increased efficiency, insight, and control.

Reliable and secure team management

Reduce administrative costs and risk by controlling who has access to part folders and devices based on their role in your organization.

Why Integrate Factory Systems With 3D Printing Software?

Features + Benefits

Enterprise-level security

Secure part data with seamless authentication to your existing identity provider with SAML SSO. Use Role-Based Access Control to ensure sensitive parts can only be accessed by authorized users.

Integrated operations

Connect Markforged data into your existing systems via APIs for improved visibility and automation. Streamline print job submission, tracking, and fulfillment across your organization with Job Requests.

Data-driven decisions

Track and analyze key performance indicators for insights into your additive manufacturing ROI with custom analytics.

Management and Integration features are included in the Digital Forge Complete Essential and Advanced Plans.