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Food and Beverage

Join leading manufacturers optimizing their packaging lines

Food and beverage industry leaders are keeping their lines up and running with on-demand MRO parts and production tooling. Improving throughput, optimizing line changeovers, and ensuring operator safety has become crucial with the growing adoption of factory automation. The Digital Forge gives manufacturers a simple way to build custom parts in hours instead of days, print replacement parts for aging equipment that is no longer easily serviced by an OEM, and lightweight robotic arms to improve the performance of expensive automation equipment.


The ability to simply print a replacement part could drastically reduce downtime and minimize the need to wait for parts, reducing the change of supply being at risk.

Chris Taylor

CEO of AMPC Australia

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High-value food and beverage manufacturing applications

    Minimize tooling and inventory costs

    Create production tooling on demand to avoid minimum order quantities, minimize inventory holding costs, and reduce overall part costs.

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    Optimize line changeovers

    Customize tools and components to align with changing consumer preferences and market demands. Support rapid tool change-over between different standard SKUs or for faster new product introductions.

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    Ensure operator safety on the production line

    Quickly respond to safety concerns on the factory floor to keep your line running. Design custom guards or ergonomic solutions at the point of need without waiting for long tool room queues or external machine shops.

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    It's not a 3D printer – it's a jigs and fixtures machine


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