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Additive metal production at unmatched precision. The next generation of Digital Metal®.

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The PX100 Binder Jetting system manufactures complex, production-grade parts, unlocking high-volume metal production at the point of need.

New Markets, New Products

PX100's Metal Binder Jetting technology empowers manufacturers to become industry leaders by unlocking previously un-makeable parts.

Control Your Supply Chain

Eliminate 3rd party supplier risks and costs by insourcing critical production runs. Trade dependence for control.

Low-Waste Direct Manufacturing

Build large quantities of discrete or customized parts with no complex tools and minimal material waste.

Precise. Reliable. Proven.

Previously offered as the DMP Pro, PX100 is the culmination of nearly 20 years of development by Digital Metal®. It draws upon a platform that has produced hundreds of thousands of high-quality components.

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Rigorously tested metals designed for mass production.

PX100 Materials

316L Stainless Steel

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17-4PH Stainless Steel*

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D2 Tool Steel*

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H13 Tool Steel*

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4140 Low Alloy Steel*

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IN625 Nickel Superalloy*

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IN718 Nickel Superalloy*

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M247 Nickel Superalloy*

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*Material not yet compatible with PX100. Support for remaining metals will be added over time.

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