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Introducing Job Requests in Eiger: Efficient Management of Print Requests

Organizations with multiple users and printers traditionally manage print requests using manual, uncentralized workflows with emails, messages, and spreadsheets. These workflows are feasible when print demand is low. However, as print demand increases, managing print requests can quickly become unorganized and inefficient.

To simplify the processes of managing print requests, we have introduced Job Requests. This feature (included in Digital Forge Complete Essential and Advanced Plans) allows users to create and maintain an organization-level print queue directly in Eiger. Using a job management tool integrated into Eiger simplifies the submission, tracking, and fulfillment processes for print jobs to increase operational efficiencies.

Interested in learning more about Job Requests, the challenges it solves, and how to use this feature? Read this article to learn.

Challenges of managing print job queues

Frequently, operators in charge of managing print jobs for their organization must manually track down, organize, and prioritize requests from disconnected sources. This can be time consuming and cause unnecessary work. Operators must search through emails, message threads, spreadsheets, or even sticky notes; as well as frequently take time to manually relay the status of job requests to the requestors. Furthermore, requestors must rely on operators for additional follow-ups to ensure the request was properly received.

Using a third party tracking tool that isn’t integrated into additive workflows requires unnecessary data entry from operators and/or requestors. Users may inadvertently miss or forget to log or submit a request in their tracking tool — causing a requested part to not get printed on time.

Without an integrated print job management process, printers may inadvertently sit idle, and plant managers may not have good visibility into printer usage and queues. Low-value print jobs can be sent to printers by anyone with access, and can potentially delay higher-value print jobs.

Benefits of using Job Requests in Eiger

While third-party job management tools have existed for a long time, using a tool directly integrated into Eiger workflows boosts organizational visibility and creates far more efficient processes for print job queues.

  1. Designers can request a print job in seconds in Eiger, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual data entry into messages or third-party tracking tools.

  2. Print operators can view and manage all job requests and key details in a single dashboard within Eiger — reducing the chance of errors and oversights.

  3. A single, centralized queue makes it easier for print operators to organize and prioritize requests.

  4. Employees who requested a print job can view the status using the dashboard without taking time to check in with the print operator.

  5. Having a centralized tool for submitting, tracking, and fulfilling requests means parts are less likely to be accidentally overlooked.

How to use Job Requests

To learn how to use the Job Requests feature in Eiger, check out our support article here.

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