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Digital Forge Subscriptions: A New Model for Software and Success Plans

(NOTE: Digital Forge Complete is the new and improved name for Digital Forge Subscriptions.)

We are on a mission to make it as easy as possible to confidently produce industrial-strength parts using the Digital Forge hardware, software and materials ecosystem. In the past, we have introduced customer success plans, numerous advanced 3D printing software products, and educational additive resources in this pursuit.

Historically, Markforged has offered access to these individually, on a per user or device level.

These features and services will still be available, but under our new organization-wide subscription model. Digital Forge Subscriptions are now offered in both included and various paid tiers (Basic, Essential, Advanced, and On-Prem).

Our organization-wide subscription model makes it easy to grow by adding users and printers. Choose the tier that best fits your organization’s needs for features such as user and device management, analytics, batch workflows, API integration, part validation, optimization and inspection.

Read this article to learn more about Subscriptions — what we’re doing differently, our new tiers, and a deep dive into the features and services included in each.

What's different?

Digital Forge Subscriptions combine software, support, and training into tiers designed to fit the needs of your business, so that you can securely produce industrial-strength parts with efficiency and confidence.

Previously, Markforged has offered access individually, on a per user or device level for the following offerings:

These products and features will still be available as features of various tiers in the new organization-wide subscription model. However, current customers will get to live out their existing contracts — there is no mandatory migration to Subscriptions unless something expires or a customer purchases a new printer.

Shifting away from multiple add-ons and mismatched terms simplifies management of your printer fleet. Comprehensive support and access to advanced software for your entire printer fleet is now available at a cost-effective price.

Which tier is for you?

Here is a breakdown of recommended Subscriptions tiers based on your organization’s use of additive manufacturing:


  • Securely printing strong, functional parts


  • Managing high quantities of part files, multiple printers, manufacturing locations, and/or users

  • Processes built around existing manufacturing systems

  • Need for advanced security features


  • Organizations with Essential-tier needs

  • Need for streamlined product development timelines and quality control processes

  • Use of additive at scale, looking to significantly reduce printing times and costs per part

  • Need for maximized manufacturing efficiency, through validating part performance and optimizing print settings to ensure parts meet performance requirements before printing


  • Organizations in military, defense, and other heavily regulated industries where cloud connections are prohibited

What's included in each Digital Forge Subscription tier?

Features and benefits included


  • Simplified, organization-wide subscription model makes it easy to grow by adding users and printers

  • Cost-effective pricing

  • Easier to purchase and renew

  • Improved additive program success

  • Simpler printer fleet management across the board

Software (Slicer):

  • World-class security and data protection, including ISO 27001 certification

  • Slice, print and manage part production in the cloud at no additional cost

  • Software updates provide enhancements via OTA or thumb drive

  • Print to all printers via USB or over private local area networks using LAN connector (On-Prem)

  • Slice, prep and print parts securely without uploading any part or user data to the cloud (On-Prem)

  • User management and batch workflow tools

  • Role-based access control (RBAC), SAML Single Sign-On (SSO), APIs for integrations, batch operations and presets, custom analytics, part approval workflows and more (Essential, Advanced)

Software (advanced tools):

  • Simulation software access: 1.) take guesswork out of 3D printing by using Simulation to help configure print parameters to meet cost, print time, and part performance requirements, 2.) avoid rework delays by predicting how your part will perform in real-life applications before printing, 3.) eliminate uncertainty about part performance that leads to overbuilt parts and wasted material (Advanced)

  • Inspection (previously Blacksmith) software access: automatically scan, inspect, verify and document dimensional accuracy as you print on X3, X5 and X7 industrial printers so parts can be used immediately (Advanced)


  • All new printers come with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty and access to the Markforged Support site

  • Direct and reactive support for minimized printer downtime (Paid tiers)

  • Routine wear and tear items are included at no additional cost (Paid tiers)

  • Defective part and accidental damage coverage (Paid tiers)

  • Annual calibrations and check ins for X3, X5, and X7 industrial printers to maintain the highest level of printing quality and accuracy (Paid tiers)


  • Upskill your workforce with the convenience of self-paced online learning with access to Markforged University curriculum for designing and printing composite and metal parts

Pricing and how to learn more

Basic is free. Essential, Advanced, and On-Prem are paid.

Pricing for each tier is broken down by the size of your organization’s printer fleet size, into two categories:

  • 1-3 Markforged printers

  • More than 3 Markforged printers

Contact us to receive a quote for your organization, learn more about Subscriptions, or subscribe.

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