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Improve operations anywhere with smarter part production and cloud manufacturing

The agile manufacturing capabilities of 3D printing match many energy companies’ greatest needs. Markforged 3D printers' unique ability to manufacture functional parts in a variety of chemically resistant, durable materials means that engineers can use 3D printed parts for a widening range of applications.

Custom Tools for Complex Parts

Easily produce tooling to manufacture and service turbines, oil rigs, and any other production equipment. Design and build optimized tooling, boosting performance across the board. Turn low-volume part manufacturing from a challenge to a differentiator by enabling fast turn fabrication with Markforged 3D printers.

Empower Skilled Labor

Use 3D printing to quickly and simply fabricate functional parts and eliminate busy work. Free skilled labor to work on higher value projects throughout your organization. Empower engineers to weaponize functional 3D printing to invent novel solutions for difficult problems.

Increase Customer Uptime

Mitigate potential customer downtime by using point of need fabrication to rapidly address customer problems. Eliminate reliance on inventory by rapidly 3D printing functional replacement parts. Unlock in-field servicing with digitally distributed tools. Provide best-in-class customer service that enables your customers to reap profits.

Digital Forge for energy

Siemens Energy is the global energy business of the Siemens group. When they needed to create new tooling for turbine maintenance in the field, they turned to their Markforged X7 industrial 3D printers. Find out how Siemens Energy and over 100 other manufacturers are creating more autonomy with the Markforged platform.

Rapidly iterating with Markforged 3D printers has revolutionized the way we look at tooling. The Markforged platform gives us the ability to produce powerful, durable tools.”
– Trent Almond, Mechanical Engineer at Siemens Energy

Why invest in Markforged 3D printers?

  • High-strength 3D printing enables you to print truly functional parts
  • Durable and corrosion resistant materials can stand the test of time in adverse environments
  • Enable point-of-need manufacturing on a global scale thanks to a cloud connected manufacturing platform
  • Quickly print tools, prototypes, and replacement parts

High-value energy applications

  • Custom tooling
  • Replacement parts
  • Grippers/end-of-arm-tooling
  • Robotic assemblies
  • Brackets and sensor mounts
  • Assembly fixtures and ergonomic jigs
  • Specialized end use parts

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