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Digital Forge Subscriptions

Digital Forge Subscriptions

Advanced software functionality, comprehensive support, and on-demand training to securely produce industrial-strength parts with efficiency and confidence.

Organization-wide coverage for all users and devices


The engine of the Digital Forge is Eiger, our cloud-based slicing system. Supercharge productivity and streamline costs with innovative simulation, inspection, and management tools that are powerful and intuitive.


Keep devices running at peak performance with minimal downtime through additional benefits of reactive support, wear and tear part replacement, accidental damage coverage, and much more.


Composites and Metal certification programs teach the core concepts of additive manufacturing and Markforged technologies through advanced application identification and Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM).

Basic, Essential, Advanced, and On-Prem. Compare Digital Forge Subscription tiers to find the best fit for your organization.

Basic Essential Advanced On-Prem
Print strong, functional parts. Manage with increased control and efficiency. Supercharge productivity and streamline costs. Where cloud access is prohibited.
Digital Inventory
Cloud-based part file storage and organization
Cloud Printer Management
Access printers and parts from anywhere
Multi-factor Authentication
An additional layer of security
Device Maintenance Tracking
Track maintenance on devices and in Eiger
Accessible on-device only
OTA Updates
Frequent software updates
Quarterly Releases
Updates for users without cloud connections
Local File Storage and Slicing
Print Via Internet, USB Internet, USB Internet, USB Private LAN, USB
Management and Integration Software Features
Batch Workflows + Presets
Automate repetitive tasks and ensure part consistency
Feature preview: Available for 1 year after printer purchase
User Management (RBAC)
Control who has access based on their role in your organization
Feature preview: Available for 1 year after printer purchase
API Access
Integrate Markforged data into your existing systems
Coming soon
Custom Analytics
Real-time ROI visibility
Part Approval Workflows
Review and approve parts for quality control
Custom TLS Certificates
Fortify security with your own encryption
SAML Single-Sign-On (SSO)
Seamless authentication with your existing identity provider
Simulation and Inspection Software Features
Evaluate as-printed part strength and stiffness
Automatically configure print settings to meet performance requirements and minimize print time
Automated part scanning plus intuitive inspection and reporting
Toolpath Export for Digimat
Simulate Markforged parts in Digimat
Support, Training, and Materials
Support Site
Comprehensive knowledge base
12 Month Warranty
Defective Part Replacement*
After 12 month warranty period
Wear and Tear Items*
Replacement of print heads, nozzles, tubes and much more
Accidental Damage Items*
Peace of mind for reliable and consistent printing
Onsite Support**
Reactive support from your partner
Partner Access to Markforged Technical Services
Annual Machine Calibration**
Ensure your printers are in peak condition. Available for X3, X5, and X7 printers.
Markforged University
Comprehensive additive training program for modern manufacturing
Included for 1 year after printer purchase
10% Spool Pack Discount
Included with 3-Year Subscription Term
* Exceptions apply
** Subject to Partner terms

All Subscription tiers include Eiger, allowing you to easily and securely print strong, reliable parts.


Manage distributed manufacturing operations with increased efficiency, insight, and control with Management and Integration features:

  • Reduced administrative costs and risk

  • Make data-driven decisions

Eiger is ISO 27001 certified, demonstrating our steadfast commitment to security and the protection of our customers’ data.

Validate part performance and optimize print settings to ensure parts meet performance requirements while maximizing manufacturing efficiency with Simulation in Eiger:

  • Replaces costly and time consuming physical testing

  • Takes the guesswork out of configuring parts

Deliver trusted parts faster via automated part scanning plus intuitive inspection and reporting with Inspection in Eiger:

  • Rapid and reliable quality control

  • Compliance for regulated industries, made easy

Use the Eiger platform and print parts in a 100% offline environment with the On-Prem tier.

All new printers come with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty and access to the Markforged Support site.


Paid Digital Forge Subscription tiers provide a range of additional and extended benefits designed to keep printers running at peak performance with minimum hassle and downtime.

The value of paid tier support benefits

  • Fixed and predictable total cost of ownership

  • Printer downtime is minimized

  • Direct and reactive support

  • Routine wear and tear items are included at no additional cost

  • Defective part and accidental damage coverage

  • Partner access to Markforged Technical Services

Composites and Metal certification programs teach the core concepts of additive manufacturing and Markforged processes through advanced application identification and Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM).

  • Realize the full potential of your investment in the Digital Forge

  • Ensure successful adoption

  • Advanced DfAM techniques based on field knowledge and proven workflows

  • Lectures, real-world demos and case studies, and guided tutorials

  • Online and on-demand

Digital Forge Subscriptions are easy to manage, comprehensive, and cost-effective. Subscribe to the Digital Forge!