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The Onyx One in NYC: Markforged at the WIRED Store

In NYC and want to see our latest release, the Onyx One, in action? Stop by the Brookfield Place Mall this week! Since last Thursday, the Onyx One has been front and center at the WIRED Store showcasing the professional applications and end-use quality of our new product line. From portable speakers for adventurers to camera-enabled drones for the tech-savvy sportsman, WIRED has been featuring the latest and greatest technologies built to enhance your lifestyle.

‍The WIRED Store at the Brookfield Mall in downtown NYC.

As the only 3D printer showcased in WIRED's annual showcase of the year's best products, we were extremely honored to participate and put our printer on display. At the center of the shop sat our Onyx One, demonstrating its use as a high quality 3D printer that empowers engineers to create real parts in an accessible desktop format. While the shop is up, the Onyx One will be printing parts non-stop, revealing its as-promised workhorse reliability in producing beautiful parts, no post processing needed.

‍We printed a scale model of the World Trade Center to showcase the professional quality of our parts.

In addition to our printer, there were plenty of big players in 21st century technology. Among the mix was a VR gaming system for the Playstation, the latest GoPro devices, and various new wearable devices for health and exercise monitoring. Many of these products represent trends in new technologies - like with 3D printing, the popularity wearables, drones, and internet-connected devices is rapidly growing. As part of this excitement, the Onyx One represented the future of fabrication: high-quality parts created right on your desktop.

‍Some of the other products within the WIRED Store.

We are incredibly thankful to WIRED for choosing to feature our printer in their latest holiday store for 2016. With three new printer releases this year alone, and two new types of filament, the traction and interest we achieved validated many of the goals we hoped to accomplish this year. We are committed to providing industrial 3D printers that provide high-quality parts at an affordable price point while continuing to push the envelope further in our industry going into the new year. The WIRED Store will continue through this week until December 18th, so please stop by to check out the Onyx One in action!

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