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Picture inside the Markforged manufacturing building

Announcing Our New Manufacturing Facility

Today we announce the opening of our new manufacturing facility in Billerica, Massachusetts. The 25,000 square-foot space will enable us to meet the demands of our current and future customers, more than double our production capacity, and create new jobs within the company.

The Markforged print farm in the new Billerica space

“With the significant growth of Markforged printers in the field, the consumption of our materials continues to increase at a rapid pace,” says Matt Gannon, VP of Operations at Markforged. “Our new facility in Billerica gives us the ability to meet the demands of today and operations for years to come.” Several Markforged materials will be produced at the facility, including our patented continuous carbon fiber and 3D printed metal materials.

The team currently consists of 35 employees, with a plan to hire 25 more people within the next couple of years. “Billerica was the perfect choice for our expansion,” says Gannon. “The region is a hotbed for manufacturing and technology companies, and is strategically located with access to key partners and expertise to support the team."

The kitchen at the Billerica, MA facility

Employees at the Billerica facility will enjoy the same perks as all Markforged employees — including gym access, catered lunches every Tuesday, a wide variety of snacks, and unlimited access to Markforged 3D printers. Interested in joining our Billerica facility? Check out our Careers section!

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