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Additive Episode One: 3D Printed Robots

Welcome to the first episode of Additive, a podcast in which we discuss anything and everything to do with additive manufacturing. From a 3D printed drone and robot to 3D printed biotechnology, we’re scouring the world for the most interesting ways people have used 3D printers to create parts. This podcast is hosted by Marko Madecki and brought to you by Markforged.

For our first episode, we have Kent Gilson from Haddington Dynamics talking with Nick Martin, an engineer at Markforged. Kent is the inventor of Dexter, an ultra-high-precision, low-cost, 3D printed robot arm. In the discussion, they broach a wide variety of subjects, including how 3D printers are disrupting the robotics industry, the use cases of Dexter, and the economic factors of additive manufacturing.

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