Kevlar® is tough, lightweight, and can bend further than any other fiber.
Impact Resistance
Reinforced with


ABS (blue), PLA (red), and Kevlar-reinforced Onyx (black) parts struck with a hammer.

When To 3D Print With Kevlar

Kevlar is best utilized in parts that will take a beating. Its low density and high durability make it a great option for applications involving a lot of motion or interfacing with production parts.
End effectors
Soft jaws
End use parts

Application Spotlight

Dixon Valve prints Kevlar-reinforced grippers for an industrial robot that transfers fittings between machining centers. Kevlar's toughness combined with its low density make for lightweight jaws that can withstand repeated clampings.


What is Kevlar?

Kevlar is a synthetic fiber developed and produced by DuPont. Know for its light weight and toughness, it is traditionally used in products such as tires, sails, rope, and protective equipment.

How strong is Kevlar?

For a complete explanation of the material properties of 3D printed Kevlar, check out our composites data sheet.

Compatible with our desktop and industrial series 3D printers.
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Compatible with our Metal X system.
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