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3D Printing Materials

3D Printing Materials

Industrial-grade 3D printing materials engineered for Markforged printers.

Material Types


Our metal filaments combine the simplicity and safety of FFF printing with the superior properties of advanced metals, bringing metal 3D printing to your benchtop.


Composite Base filaments are engineering-grade materials that print using a conventional FFF (FDM-style) process. Print with them alone or with Continuous Fibers to yield strong parts. The ULTEM™ and 9085 trademarks are used under license from SABIC, its affiliates or subsidiaries.

Continuous Fiber

Continuous Fibers enable Markforged composite printers to print metal-strength parts. They cannot be used alone — however, when printed with a Composite Base, they form the backbone of a strong printed part.


Complex geometries
Replacement parts
Corrosion-resistant parts
Wear-resistant inserts
Forming tooling
Dies & punches
Sheet metal fabrication
Forming tools & prototypes
Robotic arms
Inspection fixtures
End use parts
and more…