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Hangar One Avionics

Customer story

Hangar One Avionics is a San Diego-based avionics, maintenance, repair and installation services provider with customers in airborne law enforcement, business aviation, and general aviation.

Oftentimes, specific customer needs will require unique and custom parts — such as a pilot-seat console. Until a few years ago, Hangar One Avionics built all of these custom and low-volume parts for customers through CNC machining, a traditional subtractive method of manufacturing.

Read this case study to learn:
+ Hangar One Avionics’s business benefits of adopting aadditive manufacturing
+ Why Hangar One opted to digitize part inspection with The Digital Forge’s Blacksmith software
+ How Blacksmith software helps save time and labor while improving part quality

The FX20 brings the Digital Forge and Continuous Fiber Reinforcement to a new realm of parts, problems, and industries.