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Eiger™ Fleet

Eiger™ Fleet

A leading digital software solution for scaling additive manufacturing operations.

Scale smarter — faster.

Manage distributed manufacturing operations on an enterprise and global scale with increased efficiency and insight.

Why Integrate Factory Systems With 3D Printing Software?

Provide fast, secure access to distributed teams

Increase your operational efficiency with role-based access control. Give the right people access to the right devices and parts — when and where they need it — based on projects and team responsibilities.

Manage users with ease

With Eiger Fleet, you get all the same security features of Eiger Core. Plus, additional corporate user security policies and solutions for easy, consistent identity enforcement and user management.

Connect, simplify, and automate workflows

Connect our 3D print solutions to other enterprise systems through APIs so users can easily identify and print parts automatically — no additive manufacturing expertise required.

Track, analyze, and share key performance indicators (KPIs)

Track and analyze part costs and lead time for insights into additive manufacturing return on investment. Get visibility into fleet use via real-time monitoring dashboards.

Markforged Industrial 3D Printers

A complete line of machines made to create functional parts. Industrial 3D printers that consistently improve with a connected platform and precision construction.

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