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The Digital Forge

Meet the world’s most reliable and easy-to-use additive manufacturing platform. The Digital Forge makes it simple to create strong parts anywhere and anytime, so manufacturers can keep the line running and produce right on the factory floor.

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The Digital Forge

Creativity unlocked.

Eiger™ is the engine of our platform – a secure software interface that's as powerful as it is accessible.

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The Digital Forge

Made of metal. And even
stronger composites.

Our industrial-grade materials enable engineers to make functional parts for manufacturing environments.

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The Digital Forge

Precision Designed.
Production Ready.

Our complete line of rugged 3D printers and systems are built to produce reliable, repeatable results.

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The Digital Forge lives in the cloud, powered by AI. It collaborates, scales, and gets smarter with every print.

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Agile & Fast

Eliminate barriers between designs and functional parts.

Scale Securely

A secure platform that integrates seamlessly into how you manufacture.

One Handshake

Print projects on a unified platform. One platform, broad capabilities.

The Digital Forge is the intuitive Additive Manufacturing platform for modern manufacturers—bringing the power and speed of agile software development to industrial manufacturing. Composed of software, printers, and materials working seamlessly on a unified platform, it’s purpose-built to integrate into your existing manufacturing ecosystem.

Users of The Digital Forge are transforming their businesses. With the power to print reliable parts on-demand, they are seeing immediate benefits through escalated innovation and time and cost savings. And as adoption and usage grows, their supply chains are being reshaped to be more resilient and flexible.

We have the largest online fleet of industrial 3D printers in the world.

Top 9

Global manufacturing companies are using Markforged 3D printers to transform their process.

Top 10

Global aerospace companies utilize Markforged 3D printers for efficiency and innovation.

Top 9

Global universities are using Markforged to prepare their students for the future of manufacturing.

The Digital Forge:
Success Stories


Vestas is using The Digital Forge additive manufacturing platform to improve their overall manufacturing process.

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RPG Industries

RPG Industries Inc. brought in a Metal X and Mark Two 3D printer to print tooling, replacement parts, and more.

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Caldwell Manufacturing utilized its Markforged printers for everything from R&D to low-volume production parts.

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