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End-of-Arm Tooling

Create tooling for a fraction of the cost of traditional processes with continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastics that yield strong tooling that’s light, highly conformal, and rapidly iterable.

3D printed end-of-arm tooling
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Welding Fixtures

More effective than general-use solutions and more affordable than custom machined setups, printing fixtures with reinforcing continuous fibers distributes clamping forces evenly across custom geometries.

3D printed welding fixture
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Process Automation

Improve efficiency in your operations by implementing custom 3D printed solutions. Markforged printed parts are uniquely suited to survive in tough manufacturing environments.

3D printed tool holder
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Functional Prototyping

Prototype smarter and more effectively with Markforged's continuous fiber technology. Print functional, working prototypes quickly and cheaply, test them, and iterate.

3D printed prototype
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End Use Parts

Eliminate fabrication complexity by printing strong, end-use parts. Markforged fiber-reinforced parts work in a wide variety of products.

3D printed camera bracket
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