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Labman Automation

Labman Automation is a company based out of North
Yorkshire, England that creates bespoke robotic
solutions for universities, industry leaders, and
laboratories. To date, the company has manufactured
348 robots operating in 54 countries.

Labman creates robotic automation systems across
industries such as manufacturing, biotech, chemical,
medical, paints and coatings, food and beverage,
consumer goods, water, and agriculture. Typically, the
tasks automated would be performed by specialized
labor such as scientists, lab technicians, and engineers.

For laboratory, research and medical applications,
tasks performed include weighing vials and micronic
tubes, reformatting blood, liquid extraction, and
metabolite extraction.

For manufacturing and high throughput, tasks
performed include vial filling/capping/packaging, disc
washing/coating, modular substrate handling, and
powder dispensing.

For each customer, Labman Automation builds a unique, customized solution, consisting of robotic hardware and a software interface. Automation systems can range from small-size systems that can fit on a desk, up to the size of a large shipping container.

Building automated systems capable of performing these specialized functions — such as the Formulation Engine (created for Liverpool University’s Material Innovation Factory) — requires a considerable amount of complex and high-quality mechanical parts that can satisfy specific requirements for precision, strength, heat and chemical resistance, and general durability.

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