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3D Printing Playback: Watch our FX20, Hybrid Parts, and Additive for Automotive Webinars

In case you missed it, here are three recent 3D printing webinars hosted by Markforged’s resident experts in additive manufacturing, focusing on: 1.) our new FX20 printer for aerospace and factories of the future, 2.) producing hybrid parts in metal and composite printing, and 3.) additive manufacturing for automotive with Battle Scarred Motorsport.

1.) Meet the FX20

The FX20 is the biggest, fastest, and most sophisticated 3D printer Markforged has ever built — capable of printing high-temperature thermoplastic parts with continuous carbon fiber for high-strength, aerospace-grade parts at the click of a button. It delivers improved performance and consistency to unlock the most demanding manufacturing and end-use applications.

Watch this recorded webinar to listen to our experts introduce the FX20. This session covers:

  • FX20 technical details: build chamber, print head, and motion system
  • How the FX20 uses cloud computing to build smarter
  • ULTEM™ 9085 and other flame retardant, high performance FX20 materials
  • 3D printed carbon fiber applications in aerospace and the digital factory
  • How SRC Inc. uses the FX20 for rapid prototyping, better time to market, design optimization, and cost efficiency.

Watch the FX20 webinar here.

2.) Hybrid Part Production in Metal and Composite Printing

This webinar recording provides a comprehensive dive into the subject of hybrid part production with metal and composite 3D printing materials.

We discuss how organizations can achieve better outcomes in many situations, the significance of using metal and composite printing together to form hybrid parts, and who should be considering production of hybrid parts.

This session covers:

  • What constitutes a hybrid part
  • Why use hybrids?
  • Different types of hybrids: permutations of materials and hardware
  • When (and when NOT) to use hybrids
  • Making the push for hybridization

Watch the hybrid parts webinar here.

Additive Manufacturing for Automotive (with Battle Scarred Motorsport)

Since late 2020, the Battle Scarred Motorsport racing team has leaned on Markforged 3D printing technologies for engineering and printing customized parts for their vehicles. The result? Maintenance and repair cycles got faster, enabling them to get their race cars back on the track faster. Watch this recorded webinar held in tandem with the Battle Scarred team to learn more about:

  • Why the team first reached out to Markforged, and why Markforged became an official sponsor
  • What parts they have been printing and installing over the past 6 months
  • How being able to print parts for their cars at the point of need has impacted their races this year
  • What is next for this team and the future they see using the Digital Forge

Watch the automotive webinar here.

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