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Part of the Week — 3D Printed Tripod with Continuous Carbon Fiber Reinforced Legs

3D Printed Tripod with Continuous Carbon, with stl downloads

Carl also created this tripod in OnShape to have a tripod on hand at MarkForged. Carl is an avid photographer and is always looking for more equipment. Why not manufacture his own using continuous carbon fiber reinforcement?

Both the top of the tripod and legs shown in the pictures are nylon with continuous carbon fiber composite reinforcement. The reinforced nylon is perfect because it creates stiff, strong legs at a small size and light weight.

3D printed tripod closeup
3D printed tripod on the build plate

You could absolutely print this on a Mark One with a different composite, like fiberglass or Kevlar TM. Eiger can change or add the fiber layers for you. You could also customize the size or end of the legs, to provide any level of customization you need.

The inserts are a set of metric screws with a hex head and matching bolts. The top is a mini ball camera mount, like this one. The holes for the bolts are already set in the design. Just screw things together and you’re all set.

Carl created this part to meet his own need for a tripod. With a Mark One, you could print your own, too. You can also see this part on Thingiverse.


Tripod Head Size 43mm x 38.49mm x 13mmEstimated Print Time ~1h 40minNylon Cost ~$1.5Carbon Fiber Cost ~$1 STL Download

Tripod Legs Size 259.51mm x 10mm x 6mmEstimated Print Time ~4h 8minNylon Cost ~$1.75Carbon Fiber Cost ~$4 STL Download

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