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Cabin Management Systems Leverages Markforged Printers for FAA-Compliant End-Use Parts

Markforged’s X7 3D Printers with Onyx FR and Gold Metal Electroplating Create Luxury Aircraft Parts

Markforged (NYSE:MKFG), creator of the integrated metal and carbon fiber additive manufacturing platform, The Digital Forge, today announced Cabin Management Solutions (CMS), a privately held in-flight cabin management and entertainment systems company, is utilizing two Markforged X7™ industrial carbon fiber 3D printers to print high-quality, end-use parts for cabin management maintenance, upgrades, and replacements for luxury aircraft.

CMS was founded in 2019 and works frequently with aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) companies and individual aircraft owners to design and develop cabin control and entertainment systems for luxury, private, and business jets. CMS uses Onyx™ FR to fabricate custom parts that are high-strength, low-weight, flame-retardant, and FAA compliant. The X7 printers have improved the quality and speed of parts production, enabling CMS to complete a higher volume of jobs more quickly and earning it a reputation for fast time to market, high-quality deliverables, and rigorous testing and certification process.

“In the aerospace industry, quality and on-the-fly adaptability are crucial to success,” said Jeff Pike, VP of Engineering at CMS. “We often have to produce low-volume, high-value parts from scratch which can be time- and labor-intensive. Markforged’s X7 allows us to do this quickly and more efficiently, while ensuring functionality and retaining the upscale aesthetics expected in luxury aircrafts.”

On one aircraft in particular, the CMS team printed at least 100 different parts, including approximately 20 light switch panels, a cabin climate controller, latches, release buttons, USB-C and drop-in USB-A chargers, and adjustable touch screen brackets – all using the X7 printer. In order to meet the specific demands of its luxury-oriented customers, the CMS team then adds an extra level of customization via overlays that mimic upscale cabin surfaces including gold metal electroplating, wood veneer, and more. CMS’s process ensures the end product is FAA compliant while going above and beyond customers’ expectations for aesthetics.

Moving forward, CMS plans to continue leveraging Markforged’s additive solutions, especially with Markforged’s recent release of Onyx™ FR-A and Carbon Fiber FR-A—aerospace-ready versions of its Onyx FR and Carbon Fiber FR materials. These two new materials come with full material traceability and are undergoing qualification on the Markforged X7 printer via a program conducted by the National Center for Advanced Materials Performance (NCAMP), one of two bodies authorized by the FAA to qualify materials for flight. Once this process is complete, CMS will be able to increase its overall production speed, which will result in adding even more jobs to its already expanding pipeline.

“CMS has incorporated Markforged technology into their business in a way that enables them to maintain their reputation for high-quality and give themselves competitive advantage,” said Markforged President and CEO Shai Terem. “Our technology is not only about printing parts faster and at the point of need, but also giving aerospace manufacturers the confidence that their parts meet the regulatory and functional requirements of their industry.”

To read more about CMS’s use of Markforged printers, please visit our website. To hear from CMS, watch this video.

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