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The New Markforged Brand

Less than a month ago we launched the Mark Two, our second generation industrial strength 3D printer. Where the Mark One was a breakthrough technology, the Mark Two composite 3D printer enhances that technology, bringing sophistication and robustness to the Markforged experience through 40% faster fiber printing and reinforcing features 15 times smaller than before.

The original brand was bold and represented 3D printing. But we wanted the logo to say more - to communicate our revolutionary technology - continuous strand composite printing in a shape that still says 3D. We wanted to communicate that, for the first time, you could print real things. Structural things. Things that don't break. Things that are useful. This is a new, powerful tool for designers and engineers. And, we wanted the world to know that the Mark Two is the future of 3D printing.

We believe design matters. At the heart of Markforged is a team of engineers that strive to marry form and function. In fact, we believe the craftsmanship and look of one's product should be an example of they way in which it was designed. We wanted our logo to do the same, to exemplify the attributes by which The Mark Two was designed: simplicity, sophistication, and innovative technology.

The new logo was designed to have a balance of positive and negative space to show versatility of application. We've taken this a step further to show how the breakthrough in strength with the Mark Two enables 3D printing to make real things; now you can 3D print anything, the entire range of parts.

Today we launch our new brand for Markforged. The new logo is a great visual representation of Markforged. It exhibits a polished, simple, yet not simplistic, look. And it makes for great swag :)

This is the future of Markforged.

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