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Packaging Machinery

Engineer new advantages with additive agility.

Join the industry-leading machine builders advancing what’s possible in the packaging industry. Leverage The Digital Forge to rapidly produce low-volume, high-performance parts without compromising strength or reliability. Elevate machine design and print complex geometries consistently. Make components lighter and more compact for a fraction of the cost of subtractive methods. Champion efficiency and impact from concept through customer support with a seamless approach to design, production, revisions, and replacements.

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“The greatest advantage of 3D printing this project was to be able to iterate that quickly. You can just keep iterating and aren’t forced to stop in your process, instead of waiting a week or a couple weeks for a part to come in. It keeps everything continuous.”

Christian Weder

 R&D Support Engineer, Farason Corporation

Reduce time to market

Iterate and troubleshoot without losing momentum. Shorten development cycles from conception to production. Accelerate lead times with on-demand access to high-value, low-volume parts.

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Increase machine performance

Enhance overall equipment effectiveness and customer value while controlling costs. Rapidly produce complex, customized parts without waiting for slow outsourcing or expensive tooling.

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Deliver spares and upgrades quickly

Provide agile customer support. Unlock continuous improvement while reducing costs by up to 90%. Produce parts for spares, retooling, and reconfiguration without compromising strength or feature placement.

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