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TechCrunch Reviews Mark X’s Precision Design

It’s been almost a month since we launched the Mark X. In that time, we’ve received a lot of exciting positive attention about the precision design of the machine. Since the idea of in-process inspection is so alien to most people, the challenge of explaining its function and inherent value was a formidable. Thankfully, the vast community of engineers, makers, and other users are excited about the prospect of the Mark X as we are. We appreciated every article written about the Mark X, but there was one article that held special importance: this TechCrunch article that brilliantly details the features of the Mark X and what they mean in an engineering context. We encourage you to take a few minutes and read it if you haven’t had the chance.

‍Our new Markforged 3D printer, the Mark X.

Before drilling into the content of the article, it’s important to discuss the importance of TechCrunch to the startup community. As a company, they consistently do a fabulous job of identifying, researching, and publicizing great products made by small companies. This press is enormously important in forwarding innovation for two reasons; first, they introduce readers to innovative products that they wouldn’t discover organically and second, it allows small companies like us to vastly expand the reach of our message. As anyone in the startup community will tell you, precision design and building a winning product is only half the battle; you then have to publicize it and concisely explain its value. Without news outlets like TechCrunch, getting the word out becomes much more difficult.

Within Eiger, you can now scan prints on any layer and inspect the scan to assure dimensional accuracy.

The value proposition presented in the article almost exactly matched the intent of the Mark X. As we often stress, there are few printers on the market capable of creating strong, precise, aesthetic parts. The tools that we make are unique; they enable a fidelity in design and rapid fabrication unmatched by any other additive manufacturer. While we can’t say that we actually “teleport” parts to the build plate, we agree that we’re getting pretty darn close.

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