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Part of the Week — Dan Topjian’s Carbon Fiber Reinforced Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder in Eiger

Dan Topjian is the Senior Applications Engineer at Markforged. He often visits customers to help them adapt traditional production methods for Additive Manufacturing.

Dan needed something sharp to catch attention right after arriving at the customer’s site. After much deliberation, the business card holder became that catchy, signature piece.

Not only is it functional for handing out his Markforged business cards at the beginning of a visit, but it also shows off the ability to add inserts and hardware to a Mark One print.

Dan used OnShape to create carrier. There are also two unique features made possible by the Mark One:

1. The front logo/graphic sits behind a protective piece of clear plastic which was added to the print using MarkForged’s overprinting technology – the print was paused, the logo and plastic piece were added, and the print was resumed, overprinting the added plastic to secure it in place.

2. With the use of threaded inserts, hex screws and magnets for the cover, this is indeed one very tough business card holder!

Business Card Holder in Eiger - Top

Printed on Markforged’s Mark One 3D printer, this three piece nylon business card holder is reinforced with carbon fiber – talk about super strong!

The plexiglass insert with one card permanently encased also means Dan will never give away the last card! When he runs out of giveaways, he can just ask people to take pictures of the holder.

Modeled by Dan Topjian, MarkForged Sr. Application Engineer

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Business Card Holder

You can also see the Business Card Holder on Thingiverse.Specifications

Business Card Holder TopSize 98.36mm x 75.75mm x 6.34mmEstimated Print Time ~4h 14minNylon Cost ~$2.00Carbon Fiber Cost $0

Business Card Holder SideSize 75.75mm x 28.95mm x 16.82mmEstimated Print Time ~3h 42minNylon Cost ~$.80Carbon Fiber Cost ~$2

Business Card Holder BaseSize 98.36mm x 75.75mm x 22.6mmEstimated Print Time ~9h 51minNylon Cost ~$5Carbon Fiber Cost ~$7.50

Business Card Holders

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