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The Growing Needs for 3D Printing in Education

Nearly 1000 schools and universities worldwide currently run on Markforged solutions. 3D printing in universities has been used to:

  • provide additive manufacturing education programs
  • improve quality of STEM education programs
  • enhance classroom experiences with 3D-printed visual learning and problem-solving tools
  • equip students with the skills to pursue successful careers spanning across a wide range of industries

Why is now the time for universities to invest in providing 3D printing education programs? This blog covers why opportunities for 3D printing in education are growing, how universities can benefit from investing in 3D printing resources, and how Markforged is investing in helping academic institutions improve the quality of STEM programs.

How Markforged is investing in education

With the need for education and skill development in additive manufacturing continuing to grow faster than ever, demand for learning 3D printing in a way that is both affordable and effective is growing as well.

We believe that we have the best 3D printer systems for schools. To invest in the development of future leaders in industry and research, Markforged is offering two distinct discount programs for schools and universities:

  • Composite Starter Package - $10k in savings
    • Kickstart your department’s 3D printing capacity with a Markforged Mark Two (Gen 2) 3D printer with continuous fiber.
    • A one-year success plan and materials bundle to get you printing from day one
    • Access to Markforged’s Virtual composites Curriculum (Certification) and additional office hours to answer all of your additive manufacturing questions.
    • The Mark Two prints precise parts with best-in-class surface finish thanks to Onyx, Markforged’s extremely versatile micro-carbon fiber-filled nylon material.
  • 2x Mark Two Donation with Purchase of a Metal X - $40k in savings
    • With the purchase of the Metal X metal 3D printing platform (Metal X, Wash 1, Sinter 2), and a 3 Year Success Plan, Markforged will donate 2 Mark Two Composite 3D printers!
    • Schools across the globe are currently using the Markforged Metal X system because of its low operating cost, ease of use and safety for their students.
    • Dive into the complete Digital Forge platform today.

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