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3D Printing a Faster Manufacturing Floor with Zero Tolerance: See it in Action

We literally did 50% more output in one day. That's unbelievable.
– Steve Michon, President and Owner of Zero Tolerance, LLC

We visited our friends at Zero Tolerance, LLC in Clinton Township, MI to learn more about how they use 3D printing on the factory floor. Steve Michon found an innovative use for his Markforged X7, making an end-use part that makes molding press operations faster and more efficient. According to Michon, 3D printing this specific part has had "an enormous impact" improving the productivity of their injection molding operations.

See how Zero Tolerance uses their Markforged X7 to make a faster manufacturing floor.

To set up a full robot in a molding press, which takes thousands of parts a month, Zero Tolerance manually loaded brass inserts into the 275-degree press: which takes thousands of parts a month and presents a significant burn hazard. Initially, each molding press cycle time was around 45 seconds.

With this 3D printed end-use tool, overall cycle times have been reduced by 19-20 seconds. For injection molding operations, this has increased production by 50% while eliminating burn hazards.

The faster cycle times lets Zero Tolerance finish orders faster, gives them more of an opportunity to run other jobs in the molding press, and reduces the need for employee hours.

About Zero Tolerance, LLC

Zero Tolerance, LLC is a Michigan-based plastic injection mold machine shop working with customers in the defense, medical, consumer goods, automotive, and electronics industries. Started in 2011, the company offers EDM, CNC machining, injection molding, and additive manufacturing services.

This initiative, funded by Oakland County, MI, distributed over 300 Markforged 3D printers to create the country’s largest distributed 3D printing network. Using Eiger 3D printing software for slicing, storing and printing parts, each 3D printer is connected to a centralized, secure cloud network. In exchange for Markforged 3D printers, participating manufacturers such as Zero Tolerance will print parts for emergency aid, such as PPE, when called upon.

'The Claw' makes it faster and safer for employees to load brass inserts into a hot molding press.

Read the full case study

Read the written case study here to learn why Zero Tolerance designed 'the claw' tool and their results on the factory floor.

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