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5 Quotes We Loved from the Develop3D Review

In case you missed it, Al Dean of Develop3D wrote an extremely comprehensive Mark Two review spanning two issues of the magazine. While the whole review is well done and worth a read, we decided to highlight five quotes that we thought best exemplified our products and company attitude.


“One excellent example is being able to pause the build process at a specific layer. Why might you want to do that? The answer is pretty simple. As the Mark Two is a nicely sealed unit and the mechanics of the system mean that the build tray removal and subsequent relocation is both consistent and accurate, you can pause the build at a specific time and add additional parts to the build.”

We’ve covered this in previous blog posts, but we believe that interrupting prints opens up a massive range of possibilities for creative fabrication. With our build plate hardware and Eiger, embedded printing has never been more reliable and repeatable. 3D printing allows for a few truly unique fabrication and assembly processes, and this is one of them.


“It’s also worth noting that the software infrastructure that goes alongside the system really is first class. The fact that it’s cloud-based means that you have a resource that’s available wherever you need it. You can set-up jobs where you want to, rather than on a local machine. Multiple users can submit jobs to the queue whenever they need and yes, it gives you a full set of monitoring and notification tools as well. This is clearly a machine that has potential for short batch manufacture.”

Introducing the first engineering desktop 3D printer extends beyond Composite Filament Fabrication; we provide a printer with professional hardware and software interfaces. The fact that Al recognized the attention to detail design in our product makes us very happy.


“Just as in more industrial, established composites design, the user has full control over this layer by layer. Of course, global parameters can be defined (to rotate each layer by 45 degrees for example), but if the user wants to dig into it and truly optimize a design, then this can be done layer by layer if needs be.”

We often get questions about how our fiber placement compares to more conventional methods of composite design, and this passage does a fantastic job explaining the comparison concisely. Our system allows users to be as granular as they want, but also has a robust fiber placement option that allows for quick and easy use.


“The Mark Two shows that the new age of 3D printing can bring something new and robust to the industry and push things forward – without breaking the bank.”

Our mission is to make Additive Manufacturing a more robust and financially feasible process. We’ve always believed that our technological advances were significant enough to instigate a paradigm shift in the industry, but seeing it validated by well known stalwarts is heartening.


“There’s much to get excited about — the machine is rock solid, performs consistently and has the potential to change how both prototypes and production (at low volume) are built. I couldn’t recommend it more and trust me, your desktop will never be the same without one.”

Enough said.

Download and Read the full Develop3D article here.

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