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MF Precision: Soft Jaws

"Sometimes in the evenings I have a problem going to sleep because I can't stop thinking of all the possibilities."

— Martin Fredin, Owner, MF Precision

MF Precision is a Swedish-based contract manufacturer that services the defense, medical, and automotive industries in both Sweden and greater Europe. The company produces everything from prototypes and tooling and fixtures, to production parts for their customers. However, as a 15-person company with limited labor resources, they were unable to provide customers with a fast turnaround time on parts.

MF Precision owner Martin Fredin initially brought in a Markforged Mark Two 3D printer — capable of printing in continuous carbon fiber — to create repeatable, precise parts, and subsequently brought in a Markforged X7 3D printer with a larger build plate after his Mark Two reached 100% of its bandwidth. The MF Precision team now use both printers for spare parts and fixtures. The team has utilized their printers for carbon-fiber reinforced soft jaws to hold a prototype part for a military customer, with fantastic results. The 3D printed soft jaws only took two days to print with no machine downtime. Before bringing on their Markforged printers, MF Precision would have quoted a 3-6 week lead time for these soft jaws — leading to a potential loss of contract. Fredin plans to use his Markforged 3D printer to unlock more possibilities, speed up tooling production for the facility’s robots, and give the company the opportunity to stay ahead of its competitors.

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