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Three Good Reasons to Use Glue on the Mark One Print Bed

Three Good Reasons to Use Glue on the Mark One Print Bed

Apply glue to the expected print area and the upper-left reference part area

We’ve talked about how to use glue on the MarkForged Mark One print bed. Now we should talk about why.

1. The glue helps the first layer adhere

Applying a thin layer of glue ensures the first layer of nylon extruded will stick exactly where expected

This will reduce curling, reduce dislocation errors and increase your print success rate

2. The glue acts as a release agent after the part is complete

Parts will be much easier to remove from the bed with a scraper if glue has been applied

Your part should pop off once scraped from an edge

This will leave the bottom of the part smoother and prevent any part damage

3. Elmer’s Glue is water soluble which makes it easy to clean the bed

Rinsing the bed with warm water after removing a successful build is the best way to clean it

The water soluble glue will rinse away easily leaving a clean surface for the next print

Washing the glue off will also release any residual nylon preventing contamination of the next build

In summary, applying a thin layer of glue before each print makes it easier for your part to adhere to the print bed, easier to release the finished build and will allow you to clean the bed much faster after your successful print.

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