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Keeping 3D Printing Software Up to Date When Offline

The ability to access the latest software features is a top reason why customers choose cloud-based applications. With software vendors able to push updates to the cloud when new code is available, cloud users can immediately benefit from new and improved capabilities.

When connecting to the cloud is not an option, users often find themselves using software installed locally that may have not been refreshed for years. When on-premise software is frozen in time, so too are the benefits available to users.

So what’s a user to do?

Software updates bridge this gap between cloud and on-premise software. By installing new versions of software on a regularly scheduled basis, offline users can easily maintain parity with the cloud.

At Markforged, the majority of our customers use Eiger for 3D slicing and printing in the cloud. For those organizations that must keep their or their customer part information on local systems, we offer Offline Eiger which operates 100% offline. For the past year, Offline Eiger has been available as a subscription to help our customers bridge the gap between cloud and on-premise software through quarterly updates that provide the latest features and material support.

Here are examples of new capabilities for Offline Eiger users who take advantage of the seven software updates to date:

Precise PLA
17-4 PH Stainless Steel v2

  • View: New Internal View for improved visibility of toolpaths and volumes, as well as workflow improvements when adding fiber or modifying groups

  • Settings: Support Overrides for excluding specific areas where supports could be problematic

  • Infill: Gyroid infill for high shear strength and low weight (one of five patterns available)

Gyroid Infill

  • Surface Finish: Unidirectional pathing and medial axis infill for smoother top surfaces

  • Structure: Folders and subfolders for organizing parts hierarchically

  • Connection: LAN Connector for sending print jobs to connected printers on private networks

These, along with various composite and metal reliability and quality improvements, are what we’ve delivered over the last year as part of the Offline Eiger subscription. We are committed to ensuring that our offline users will continue to have access to the same exciting innovation and value available to cloud users with The Digital Forge.

For a comparison of how Eiger operates online and offline, check out the white paper.

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