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Introduction to Eiger™ Fleet

To help organizations scale additive manufacturing operations by providing controls and integrations, we developed Eiger™ Fleet collaboratively with our customers.

Eiger Fleet, a cloud-based software solution, is designed to accelerate the adoption of and streamline additive manufacturing operations at scale. It offers increased operational efficiency and visibility, enterprise-level access management, and simplified workflows.

Designed to help customers quickly print strong and accurate parts at the push of a button, anytime and anywhere, organizations can use Eiger Fleet for:

  • Remotely controlling user access to parts, builds, devices, print operations and data.
  • Connecting additive manufacturing workflows to existing business processes and enterprise software systems.
  • Managing digital inventories of parts, leveraging batch operations and organization-wide presets to quickly go from CAD files to standardized parts.
  • Tracking performance analytics, to optimize efficiency and lead times.

Why use Eiger Fleet?

Organizations can leverage Eiger Fleet to improve AM operations in many different ways, for:

  • Increased operational efficiency and visibility - role-based access controls give the right people access to the right devices and parts, at the right time.
  • Enterprise-level access management - easy corporate access policies, identity enforcement and user management.
  • Simplified workflows - APIs allow our 3D print solutions to be connected with enterprise systems. Users can easily identify and print parts automatically, while storing critical information in existing process management tools at the push of a button.

Who is Eiger Fleet for?

Eiger Fleet is recommended for:

  • Organizations with multiple 3D printers across multiple sites, 3D printer farms.
  • Organizations with additive manufacturing needs that require integration with existing business processes and software systems.
  • IT needs that require management tools such as SAML SSO and RBAC.

How Eiger Fleet is Being Used

Vestas Wind Systems AS uses Markforged printers and software, allowing a range of staff to manufacture a variety of parts and tools on-site at its wind turbine facilities, the exact points of need.

An early adopter of Eiger Fleet, Vestas Wind Systems has used its integrations and centralized controls to optimize its 3D printing operations in its facilities around the world. This is driving the following improvements:

  • Reduced costs - initially, blade marking tools cost thousands of dollars. With Eiger Fleet, the price was reduced to less than $100.
  • Reduced lead times - lead times for the creation of blade marking tools was reduced from three weeks to just three days from design to installation.
  • Consistent high quality and performance parts - parts can be produced, inspected and certified in an automated process to ensure consistency and compliance.

Vestas Wind Systems uses Markforged’s 3D printing technologies, with Eiger Fleet and Blacksmith software for centralized control, enterprise resource planning (ERP), asset management, system integration, and print analysis for industrial grade additive manufacturing.

Features at a Glance

Centralized control and oversight - over user teams, device groups, folders, part cost and lead time tracking analysis

Business process automation - API functionality enables access to 3D printed parts for internal and external users. Predefined parts can be selected and sent to the nearest printer with one button click. AM management can be integrated with existing enterprise software systems including CRM, ERP, PLM, QMS, MES, AMS, etc.

Role-based access control - allows control of which parts, builds, devices, print operations and other data are accessible to users, based on job responsibilities and privileges.

Seamless high throughput workflows - simple management of unlimited digital inventory of parts, leveraging batch operations and organization-wide part setting presets.

Custom analytics - track, analyze and share key performance indicators of time and cost savings from additive manufacturing.

Markforged University - increases in-house additive manufacturing knowledge and expertise, to maximize ROI.

User and policy management - compatible with corporate SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) for other business applications an organization uses - to reduce time, cost and risk.

Eiger and Blacksmith Software

Eiger Fleet, the enterprise-level tier of our Eiger platform, is the newest addition to the portfolio of Markforged 3D printing software. Markforged’s 3D printer software offerings can be divided into Eiger (Core, Fleet, and Offline) and Blacksmith:

Eiger is a cloud 3D printing platform designed to help Markforged users go from CAD files (from 3D printer design software) to functional parts quickly and easily. Eiger includes slicing software and other additive manufacturing technologies - it can be used to catalog and manage files, easily optimize parts (such as adjusting wall thickness, fill density, amount/location of fiber insertion, etc.), and manage printing processes. The Eiger 3D printer program can be used with all Markforged 3D printers, and includes:

  • Eiger Core is a 3D printer slicer software, that takes CAD files to strong, functional parts quickly that can be shared and iterated.
  • Eiger Fleet adds scaled functionality to Eiger Core’s features with centralized control over printers, users, parts, and workflows (view data sheet)
  • Offline Eiger can be used when Internet access is limited, intermittent or restricted (view data sheet)

Click here for a feature-based comparison between Eiger Core, Fleet, and Offline.

Blacksmith ensures that manufacturers can have strong and reliable parts straight from the print bed by connecting part design, production, and inspection with powerful AI. It works by establishing and streamlining quality control processes for 3D printed parts, with in-process part verification. For manufacturers, Blacksmith can also reduce production costs while accelerating time to market. Blacksmith is available as a subscription feature through Eiger, for Markforged X7 printers (view data sheet)

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