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Why use the Digital Forge? Breaking down our additive manufacturing platform

What do manufacturers need to win in today’s landscape? We’ve learned from working with over 10,000 customers — efficient and reliable processes for making parts you need faster, easier, and more economical, right at the point of need.

We’ve built a suite of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies, the Digital Forge platform, to make the benefits of additive manufacturing more reliable and accessible as a solution to even the most demanding manufacturing challenges. The Digital Forge is a complete additive manufacturing platform consisting of industrial 3D printers, enterprise software with process improvement tools, and a wide range of industrial materials.

So, why should manufacturers choose the Digital Forge? Read this article to learn about its unique benefits.

Benefits at a glance

Unparalleled strength. Only Markforged offers a patented unique continuous fiber process to produce strong parts quickly, and at low cost. The continuous fiber reinforcement (CFR) process can produce composite parts as strong as 6061 T6 Aluminum.

World-class reliability. Markforged printers experience high uptime, part accuracy, and low failure rates. Our printers include sensors to monitor machine health and can run unsupervised. 3rd parties report 199 of 200 (99.5%) print success rates.

Prototyping and production on the same platform. High performance and surface finish quality of parts make Markforged printers an ideal solution for every stage of the product life cycle. Leading manufacturers use the Digital Forge to print parts for prototypes, tooling, end-use, and production.

Built-in quality control. Only Markforged offers on-board micron-level laser inspection for best-in-class accuracy and repeatability. High resolution printing in both layer height (50 microns) and x/y accuracy (50-120 microns).

Enterprise software and security. Cloud-enabled software for global-scale enterprise use allows access to a comprehensive additive program in a single user experience. Provides visibility with fleet management, integrated BI dashboard, user provisioning and management, auditing and reporting. Capable of MFA (multi-factor authentication) and SSO (single sign on). Open APIs for system integration.

The only additive manufacturing platform powered by AI fleet learning. Cloud platform uses data from 10,000 connected printers and over 10M+ completed prints to make our printers continuously smarter through OTA (over-the-air) software updates to Markforged printers.

ISO/IEC:27001 and ISO:9001 certification. The Digital Forge is the world’s most secure additive manufacturing platform, and the first to achieve ISO/IEC:27001 certification for information security. ISO:9001 certification proves effective quality management in the delivery of Markforged products.

Powerful 3D printers for high-strength composites

Fabricate metal-strength composites with our small but mighty Desktop series, or scale up throughput with the FX20.

Markforged is the first company to make 3D printers capable of Continuous Fiber Reinforcement (CFR) in parts. What does this mean? You can print composite parts strong enough to replace machined metal.

While chopped carbon fibers are able to improve the mechanical properties and print quality of 3D printed thermoplastics, continuous fibers can further increase part strength by an order of magnitude. Print metal-strength composite parts with confidence they will perform.

The most accessible metal 3D printing

While expensive and complicated is considered the reality of any metal fabrication process, one metal printing process defies this status quo.

Metal fused filament fabrication (metal FFF) is the first additive manufacturing process that makes metal fabrication fast, cost-effective, and user-friendly.

3D print a wide range of industrial metals — stainless steel, tool steels, pure copper, and Inconel — without the need for highly trained operators or extensive PPE. Use of bound powder feedstock, as opposed to other metal additive manufacturing processes which use loose powder makes the Markforged Metal X system safer and easier to use.

Precise, scalable binder jetting. High-throughput metal with no tooling

In the summer of 2022, Markforged acquired Digital Metal: adding a leading binder jetting solution to the Digital Forge. The PX100 is a precise, reliable platform capable of fabricating thousands of complex end-use parts. It lets companies bring products to market faster and cheaper while fully controlling their own means of production.

Traditional mass production technologies take months to set up, introduce 3rd party supplier risk, and suffer from poor unit economics during ramp up and in lower volumes. PX100 from Markforged unlocks high-volume metal production at the point of need, giving manufacturers a reliable, direct solution they can control. This means increased agility and time to market while also reducing volume risk.

Secure, user-friendly software

Unlock new applications and process improvements through secure, easy-to-use slicer software, integrations, and smart automation tools.

Eiger software makes it quick and simple to configure print settings and fiber reinforcement patterns for your parts. Store parts as digital inventory, print to anywhere in your organization’s network of connected 3D printers. Eiger features robust authentication processes and enterprise-grade user management.

Markforged is building the first fully integrated additive manufacturing stack that will fit into how you manufacture parts today. Software innovations will enable integrations including:

→ MES integrations via open API’s.

→ Import/export integrations from CAD and FEA.

→ On-app dashboards and API to track fleet performance.

Software tools available on The Digital Forge let you deliver trusted parts faster without additional labor or hardware resources. Test and validate part performance within Eiger before you print with the 3D printer simulator smart feature, or use artificial intelligence-powered part inspection to verify part accuracy during your prints.

The customer impact

Over 10,000 customers in 70+ countries use The Digital Forge platform to accelerate innovation, improve manufacturing processes, and take control over their supply chains.

Customer resources such as Markforged University help our customers realize the full potential of their investment and ensure successful adoption.

Learn more about the Digital Forge

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