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Race Car Motor Intake


Race Car Motor Intake


Volumetric NZ


Hamilton, New Zealand




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Race Car Motor Intake

3D Printed Race Car Motor Intake

Volumetric NZ

New Zealand-based Volumetric NZ was founded in part to take advantage of advances in 3D printing. They primarily provide solutions for the automotive industry, including the manufacture of racing-grade components.

Markforged technology makes it possible to manufacture quality parts in a small workshop. Volumetric NZ has printed hundreds of unique components, often using fiber-reinforced Onyx. These intake and inlet runners not only have an aesthetically pleasing finish, they're chemical-resistant and heat-resistant. The printed part is completely functional, and led to measurably increased horsepower.

Markforged Partner:
Cadpro Systems

2020 Additive Trends Report

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