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Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Inlet Pipe


Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Inlet Pipe


Vacuum and Blowing Solutions


Auckland, New Zealand


Onyx, Continuous Carbon Fiber


End-Use Part



Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Inlet Pipe

3D Printed Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Inlet Pipe

Vacuum & Blowing Solutions Ltd

Vacuum and Blowing Solutions (VABS Ltd) is New Zealand's biggest vacuum pump and low-pressure blower supplier. They service multiple industries, and have seen rapid growth in the last several years.

This inlet pipe is part of a range of industrial vacuum cleaners. The original pipe, fabricated from stainless steel, was expensive to manufacture and required several post-process cleanup steps. Plus, due to welding stresses, each finished part was slightly different. Since stainless steel was still desirable for some parts of the inlet pipe, a 3D printed version was designed using Onyx and incorporates a stainless steel tube insert to better support a rotatable cuff arrangement.

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