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Custom Aircraft Dashboard


Custom Aircraft Dashboard


We Print


Blansko, Czech Republic




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Custom Aircraft Dashboard

3D Printed Custom Aircraft Dashboard


WePrint is a small Czech company providing services in 3D printing with diverse clients who have unpredictable needs. When their client, NF Aircraft, wanted a unique dashboard for their turboprop aircraft, the team at WePrint turned to their Markforged 3D printer for a solution. Due to the dashboard’s complex shape, a costly traditional manufacturing process wasn’t viable — and no other 3D printing solution prints with sufficient quality and durability.

Markforged’s Onyx material offered the exact attributes they needed: accuracy, flexibility, and a surface finish that was fit for a final product. They were able to completely redesign the assembly, print the necessary components, and finish the part in just four weeks. The dashboard fits perfectly, and the team was able to weld all the parts and assemble it in accuracy +-1mm, which was incredible. The client commissioned WePrint for additional parts for a completely new aircraft. WePrint, in turn, came to Markforged for a brand new Markforged carbon fiber 3D printer.

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