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Custom Filter Housing Assembly


Custom Filter Housing Assembly


Seele GmbH


Bavaria, Germany



End-Use Part



Custom Filter Housing Assembly

3D Printed Custom Filter Housing Assembly

Seele GmbH

Seele GmbH is a German company that turns architects’ ambitious designs into functional buildings. They specialize in the outer surfaces of buildings — envelopes, facades, and roofing — and oversee all parts of the process, from initial design to actual construction. Seele is constantly producing bespoke parts for their creative clients. 3D printing offers Seele a flexible method to quickly produce complex parts, and to more easily bridge the gap between design and finished part. Markforged continuous carbon fiber printers help them even further. Now, they can produce high-functioning prototypes and even end-use parts for their facades.

In a recent facade design and build project, Seele GmbH needed to implement a custom filter assembly near the frame of a window. Their engineers realized that they could quickly and cheaply print a filter housing assembly out of continuous carbon fiber reinforced Onyx. They took advantage of their Markforged printers to create this filter housing; it seamlessly integrates with off-the-shelf purchased parts, enabling them to easily mount it to the window.

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