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Specialty Diving Equipment Axle Wheel


Specialty Diving Equipment Axle Wheel


Nammu Tech


Worcestershire, United Kingdom




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Electronics, Medical, and Product Development

Specialty Diving Equipment Axle Wheel

3D Printed Specialty Diving Equipment Axle Wheel

Nammu Tech

Nammu Tech is a global market leader in high-end diving equipment. Their products only use the most advanced engineering materials, like carbon fiber composite and titanium. Conventional manufacturing of these materials is costly, and makes it impossible to iterate without significant tooling investment. A “tooling-free” solution, like 3D printing, is extremely attractive — but until Markforged, there was no way to print industrial-grade materials that could be used for safety-critical applications like diving.

This reel, intended for technical diving, features a "living hinge" printed in Onyx, which can last through thousands of operations. Aside from being lightweight and having an impressive surface finish, the part has neutral buoyancy — it neither floats upward nor sinks, so divers have to work less to reach and maintain their desired depth.

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