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PCB Enclosure for Neural Stimulator Device


PCB Enclosure for Neural Stimulator Device




Milan, Italy


Onyx FR


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Electronics, Medical, and Product Development

PCB Enclosure for Neural Stimulator Device

3D Printed PCB Enclosure for Neural Stimulator Device


Newronika, an Italian company, designs and manufactures cutting edge medical electronics. They specialize in implantable devices that treat multiple conditions, including Parkinson's. The team was looking for a way to support a delicate PCB within the implantable device which needed to be lightweight and rigid enough to protect the sensitive electronics while in the body. Newronika used the Markforged platform to create a 3D printed “nest” design that was ultra-lightweighted through generative design, printed in Onyx FR and support-free, meaning almost zero post-processing. After only a handful of iterations, this new additively manufactured "nest" design worked perfectly. With no need to hard-tool for conventional injection molding, Newronika revolutionized the way they operate. Suddenly, they were able to print parts reliably, to specification, as and when needed.

With absolutely no prior 3D printing experience, Newronika are now producing 3D printed “nests” in Markforged’s Onyx FR material to sufficiently high levels of accuracy/tight tolerances, straight off the print bed, ensuring the safety of PCB and electronics within the patient.

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