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Sensor Applicator Tool


Sensor Applicator Tool


Livestock Labs


New South Wales, Australia




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Sensor Applicator Tool

3D Printed Sensor Applicator Tool

Livestock Labs

Livestock Labs is an agriculture technology startup based out of Sydney. While they’ve long had access to shared 3D printers, they acquired Markforged printers to expand their capability to print with sturdier materials, including Onyx.

Markforged printers are key to multiple components of EmbediVet, which tracks the location and health status of livestock. This applicator is used to implant a health tracker into livestock to monitor key health metrics. The challenging and unpredictable nature of working with cattle requires a more durable applicator than typical mechanical tools, capable of withstanding extended field use. It's far faster and more cost-effective to 3D print the relatively small quantity of applicators they need than it is to outsource their manufacture, and gives EmbediVet’s engineers the ability to quickly put functional tools into customers’ hands and iterate designs based on user feedback.

Markforged Partner:
Emona instruments