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Try Eiger's 3D Printer Simulator For Free

Try Eiger's 3D Printer Simulator For Free

Simulation takes the guesswork out of 3D printing.

Validate your part’s strength and stiffness with a 3D printer simulator to know it will perform as required before hitting print.

You can now experience Simulation in Eiger™ through virtual testing and time/cost optimization that we’ve integrated into our familiar slice and print workflow.

Validate Part Performance

Virtually test with confidence in the 3D printer simulator to ensure your part will perform as required.

Reduce Cost of 3D Printed Parts

Avoid overbuilding parts by only using the amounts of Onyx and continuous fiber reinforcement needed to achieve required performance.

Accelerate Design Cycle Times

Reduce the number of design-print-test-iterate cycles before getting the part that you need.

Register for the Simulation free trial today

The free trial of Simulation functionality is available to anyone with a valid account for Markforged's Eiger™ software and is subject to the Eiger Terms of Service. If you don't yet have an Eiger account, register below. The free trial expires on April 1, 2023, subject to earlier termination by Markforged at its discretion. Markforged expects to make the functionality available as a paid subscription at the end of the free trial period.

Terms of Service: Markforged Technical Services will provide user support for the trial period of the Simulation feature with the following expectations: (1)Standard service level objectives for response and resolution time do not apply (2)Issues reported during the trial period will require extra time and assistance from development teams to troubleshoot, and (3)All users are responsible for assessing the functionality of Eiger Simulation based on their intended applications to determine if it is appropriate for their intended use cases.